A Little Advice: Superstitions for a Spooktacular Move

Feeling Superstitious?

Moving can be a spooky venture, but Little Guys will never leave you in the dark. Rest easy knowing we’ll help you get through the scariest parts! We can lend a hand with packing, loading, hauling… even rearranging the furniture (but not in that creepy, horror flick way).

Sure, we can’t guarantee your new house isn’t haunted by a few playful poltergeists, but we do have a few ideas to share if you’re feeling especially superstitious.

Here are some of the world’s oldest housewarming superstitions thought to help survive a sPoOkY move:

  • Luck

    Don’t bring that dirty old broom from the last place into your new digs – it’s bad luck! Now is a good time to throw out that old thing and get a nice new floor duster, anyway.

    Did you buy a house that has a staircase with a number of steps divisible by three? Burn it down! Just kidding, but you may have better luck with an even number.

    Don’t hammer a nail after sunset. It’s supposed to be bad luck, maybe because it’s bound to annoy your new neighbors – starting off on the wrong foot can’t be good.

    They say it’s good luck to move on a Thursday, but honestly, if you’re using Little Guys Movers, we guarantee good vibes any day of the week!

  • Protection

    Norwegian myth swears by an acorn on the windowsill to protect your house from lightning. While we admit this has not been scientifically confirmed, if you have acorns at-the-ready, it doesn’t hurt to try…

    Don’t accept sharp items as housewarming gifts. Your friends should know better!

    It’s also been said you can ward off ghosts by painting your porch blue. Everyone knows ghosts hate water and can’t tell the difference between a pond and that blue paint, right?

    Oh, and if you’ve got unwelcome witches coming around, a sprig of fennel over the door should do the trick.

  • Prosperity

    Many cultures around the world practice a simple ritual to encourage prosperity when entering a new home for the first time. Depending on your region’s traditional symbol of bounty, you might carry a loaf of bread or a bag of rice through the front door upon arrival. Where we come from, we figure a giant taco will probably do the trick.

    Salt the rooms, or just the doorways. We’ve found either way works just about the same*.

  • Housewarming

    Ever wonder where the term “housewarming” came from? Back in the day, it was traditional to warm your new home on the first night by lighting a candle or starting a fire in the new fireplace. We like that it just makes everything cozier.

See? Moving isn’t so scary!

*Results may vary. Superstitious behaviors should not replace homeowner’s insurance or a security system.