A Little Advice: The Fragile Move

Tips for Moving Fragile Items

After twenty years of moving people, we’ve learned that every move is different, but that some things are universal. We’ve learned that sometimes it rains when the forecast says clear skies, and even the most well-intentioned move can overlook something simple. And whether you’re moving down the street or across the country, without proper care and packing, fragile stuff will undoubtedly break.

Little Guys Movers knows the importance of proper packing, especially when it comes to breakables. We have a few useful tricks we’ve picked up along the way. Since we want you to get from point A to point B without shattering your favorite china or destroying a family heirloom, we put together this video that will show you how to pack up your fragile items like a pro. Of course, when in doubt, remember our fully insured movers are real pros and can come by before your move to help you pack up!

Limit Your Box Size

First things first: never use large boxes to pack up breakable items! The smaller the box, the less likely it is to get crushed, jostled, or dropped in the hectic process of moving. They’ll be less heavier and easier to move too.

Light bulb Moment: Moving Lamps

Take care to pack lamps and lampshades in separate boxes. Never pack a lamp with a light bulb still attached; it will probably break and that’s a mess you don’t want to clean up in your new home.

Picture Perfect

When packing photo frames, be sure to give them extra protection by wrapping them in newspaper or bubble wrap.

Everything but the Kitchen Sink

Breakables in the kitchen can be wrapped in kitchen towels to save space and resources. Be sure to fill the empty spaces as well so items are less prone to rattling around. Bathroom towels, cleaning rags, and clothes can work for this, too. Watch the video for the best ways to stack and pack cups and plates in boxes!

Sentimental Items

Your movers should be using TLC with everything they handle, but it doesn’t hurt to point out which boxes contain items that are irreplaceable, like family heirlooms and other sentimental treasures.

Label Everything

Boxes carrying breakable items should be clearly labeled “Fragile: Top Load Only” on at least two sides of the box so they are always visible. This will alert you, and your movers, not to stack other boxes on top of them.

Now You’re Ready to Break Less Stuff!

Of course, careful planning alongside trained professionals is always the way to go. Call Little Guys for a free quote, and remember, we’re not just good for packing and heavy lifting, but relocation consultation and advice, too!