Getting Involved in Our Communities: One of Our Core Tenets

Two Little Guys posing with members of the community while volunteering

When we first established our business, we got to create the framework of who we wanted to be — and being involved in our communities has always been/will always be a part of that.

Our City, Our Home

Since we were founded in 1992, we have spread Little Guys Movers across the nation. Each new city is a new market for our business, sure, but they are so much more than that. We don’t just see our locations as personality-less places we work — on the contrary, these cities are our homes. We live there, raise our families there, and build friendships there. Viewing our cities as intrinsic to who we are as individuals, not just as employees, is a big part of what we set out to do when we created our company. We believe in getting involved in our communities and doing everything we can to make them better places to live.

Making New Connections

One way we get involved is by establishing relationships, both business and personal. Most of our locations join their local Chamber of Commerce, and some even become Chamber Ambassadors. Chambers of Commerce allow us to connect with other businesses, take part in local events, and learn about volunteer opportunities. We never want to sit idly by and let our communities function around us. We want to dig in and truly be a part of them. When people talk about their town and the businesses that are involved there, we want Little Guys Movers to be at the front of their minds.

Building a Better Community

Giving back to our communities is our ultimate goal. We believe it’s our duty to make our communities better. Our cities and towns give so much to us — how could we not do our part? We love our cities with our whole heart, and we want to do whatever we can for them. Whether it’s cleaning up parks, assisting local charity organizations, or volunteering at events, we want to do it all.

This is what (we hope!) sets us apart from the rest. When you work with Little Guys Movers, you aren’t working with a soulless company — you’re working with a local organization that actually cares about the town where you live.