Gainesville Movers Visit Greensboro: The Traveling Little Guys

Little Guys Movers from Gainesville help out their fellow Little Guys in Greensboro.

When the Greensboro Little Guys Movers location was looking for extra help, our Gainesville team was more than happy to assist. In fact, it was a great learning experience for our crew to see how another store operates — and how being a Little Guy connects us all.

Lending a Hand

Kaelin H. at Little Guys Movers in Gainesville.
Jamal S. at Little Guys Movers in Gainesville.

The Greensboro location has a relatively new manager and moving services are in high demand. We had the opportunity to send a few of our crew members to the store to help them schedule and complete moves, as well as support the management. Little Guys Kaelin and Jamal are experienced and have strong management capabilities, so they were the perfect people to assist the Greensboro team.

“The experience I had was phenomenal,” said Jamal. “It was great to take the family up to Greensboro and be able to travel to a different location to help a store out.”

Different and the Same

As the guys got settled in, they began to see how the Greensboro Little Guys experience compared to that of Gainesville. Going through morning duties, folding blankets, and contacting customers all felt very familiar. But other things felt totally new: “It was very different, from the office layout to the truck parking,” said Kaelin. “The paperwork….completely different!” Seeing how another location completes contracts and runs the business was a unique learning experience for the guys.

What was definitely the same? That Little Guys family feeling.

Little Guys, One and All

Even though they had never met the Greensboro team, both Kaelin and Jamal felt an immediate sense of camaraderie with their fellow Little Guys. “It was super easy to connect with people that all have the same goal in mind,” said Jamal.

No matter what Little Guys location you visit, you’ll find that maintaining a positive work culture is top of mind. Greensboro was no exception. For the store meeting that the Gainesville guys attended, General Manager Michael Prewit cooked a big meal for the team. They also played washers and some pick-up basketball games. It was a highlight for our team members, and a perfect example of how Little Guys goes above and beyond to establish a work environment where people actually like their jobs. We believe that caring for our employees makes our customers’ experiences better. Focusing on the positive and creating a company built on mutual respect? That’s what truly makes a business thrive.