From Mover to Manager: Q&A with Chris Coffee

Manager Chris Coffee
When John Manning stepped away from Little Guys Movers in Murfreesboro to open our new Nashville location, we needed a new manager for Murfreesboro. And the choice was obvious — Chris Coffee. Chris has been a Little Guy for over 10 years, starting out as a mover and working his way up the LGM ladder. We’re so excited to see him step into this new role and wanted to ask him about his experience growing with the company and his hopes for Little Guys Movers Murfreesboro.

You joined the Little Guys team over a decade ago. What were your early years like?

I had just moved to Murfreesboro in 2011 and lifting heavy objects has always been easy for me, so LGM seemed like a good fit. I learned early on that it’s not all brawn and started developing management skills from running crews. This not only made the days go smoother, but also set me up for success in the future. I am big on learning from your mistakes, so those early years involved a lot of learning.

Did you always want to become a Branch Manager?

It wasn’t the goal from day one, but as I grew within our location and the company I knew I wanted to continue on here and aim for a manager position. This company has been great to me over the years, and I have been around for so much of its growth. As Branch Manager I feel I can help LGM continue to grow and achieve bigger and better things.

What are you looking forward to about being a Manager?

John Manning left some pretty big shoes to fill, but I love a good challenge and being the guy in charge brings plenty of them. I am looking forward to continuing the success Murfreesboro has had and helping grow our location as much as possible.

What do you love about working at Little Guys Movers in Murfreesboro?

Murfreesboro is growing extremely fast and it has been fun to be a staple in this city. Working here, I have made many friends and traveled to a lot of cool places over the years.

Why do you think LGM is a good place for someone with high career aspirations?

From my experience, I have learned a lot of skills over the years that I didn’t think would come from just moving furniture and driving big trucks. My years as a crew leader really helped me hone my management skills, for instance. I tell all of the guys we hire: if you work hard and put effort into this job, you can develop those same skills, which are applicable in so many fields. And as fast as LGM is growing, you could get an opportunity to climb the ladder as I have.