Happy 25th Little Guys Anniversary to Eric Eisenmann

Little Guys Movers Chief Operations Operator Eric Eisenmann

In 1996, Eric Eisenmann joined Little Guys Movers — and to our delight and amazement, he’s been with us ever since. Eric is a vital member of the Little Guys team who helped build this company from a few guys with a few trucks to the nationwide organization we are today. We’re endlessly grateful to him and incredibly proud he’s stuck with us all these years.

You were one of LGM’s first employees. How did you find out about LGM, and what was your original role?

Back in the late 1900’s, the Denton location was located in a trailer, inside a barn. My wife Nikki knew two of the partners from the ceramics studio at UNT. She had been working at LGM for a few months herself. I was unhappy with my current employer’s culture and she thought I would really like Little Guys. They hired me as a mover.

What other roles have you had as you’ve risen through the ranks?

Mover to Crew Leader to Manager in Denton. I was then sent off to open a branch in Colorado. I relocated back to Denton and helped run that shop for 10 years. I am currently at LGM HQ managing our fleet and a sundry of other responsibilities.

At one point your dining room was the (temporary) Little Guys office. What is it like knowing you’ve been part of building this company from the ground up?

Oh, that was in Colorado. We were so unprepared. We had made a bunch of mistakes and we learned from them. We started out as just a bunch of “guys” from Denton. Now we are beginning to reflect the communities we serve. I’m proud of what Little Guys is becoming.

What are some of your favorite memories from working at LGM the last 25 years?

I love when we are able to REALLY help someone out in our community. We’ve been there to help people in domestic situations, floods, freezes, fires…it gets me every time.

25 years is a long time to be at one company — what keeps you sticking around?

In my personal life, I like to surround myself with funny, smart, hardworking, weird, and interesting people. We created an entire business culture that nurtures these types of folks. It keeps work life fun and exciting!

Do you have any hopes and dreams for the future of LGM and your role in it?

We must be in every state that’ll have us and be the best employer in town. My future? Motorcycling from store to store BBQing for everyone sounds pretty excellent to me.

Anything else you want to add?

I fantasize of a future where particle board furniture no longer exists.