The Best Movers in Austin

Four Little Guys movers wash a moving truck in Austin, TX


Looking for the best movers in Austin?

Look no further than Little Guys Movers.

Why are we the best movers in Austin? Let us count the ways:

Over a Quarter of a Century of Experience

That’s right, Little Guys Movers has over 25 years of experience in the industry. Let’s just say, we’re not amateurs. After more than 25 years, you know what you’re doing… you know?

Expert Movers

We’ve encountered every moving situation you could think of. And we’ve conquered them all. Our movers are experts and prepared to handle any challenge.

We’ve Got the Stuff

And by stuff, we mean moving supplies. From moving blankets to bubble wrap to dollies to boxes, Little Guys Movers has what you need. We’ll make sure your items are packed up and delivered to your home (or business) safely.

We Know Austin

Little Guys Movers has been part of the Austin community since 2012! We work here, we live here, and we love it here. What makes us the best movers in Austin is that we truly care about our city. Plus, we’ve moved people all over the area, so you know we know our way around.

Still don’t believe we’re the best movers in Austin? Let our customer reviews speak for us. Then contact us once you’re convinced and ready to get moving.