Are Movers Worth It?

mover with moving boxes on a dolly


To DIY or not to DIY…that is the question.

Or, more specifically, are movers worth it?

We may be biased, but we think hiring movers is always a good idea. Here’s why:

Teamwork Makes the Move Work

Once upon a time, you could bribe a couple friends with free pizza to help you move. You were young, full of energy, and basically had two boxes of stuff and a mattress.

Now, you’re an adult. You’ve got stuff. Lots of it. And trust us — no one is going to want to help you move for a slice. Hiring movers means you get to work with a team of trained professionals. Not only do you avoid calling in favors or doing it all yourself, but you know that your movers have the skills and experience to move whatever you throw at them.

Never in Short Supply

Moving isn’t just about brute strength. You also have to have the right supplies. This can include moving boxes (SO MANY BOXES), packing tape, bubble wrap, moving blankets, dollies….the list goes on. When you work with a professional moving company, they can provide all of these things for you. Not having to scour Craigslist for free boxes or use towels as makeshift moving blankets is just one element of what makes movers worth it.

Trust the Experts

Are you an expert in something? If you are, you probably know the value of skills and experience. People can’t just suddenly decide to do brain surgery, for example — they need training and experience first. Yet every day, people decide that they can be movers. We’re not saying it always ends in disaster, but the reality is that most people don’t know how to navigate a sofa through a stairwell or move a pool table. Professional movers have done it all. Whatever challenge they face, they can handle it, and that always makes hiring movers worth it.

Keep it Stress Free

Moving is stressful. There’s no way around it. But exactly how stressful your move will be is up to you. Hiring movers can take a lot off your plate. Whether you want them to help out with just a few parts of your move or you don’t want to lift a finger, working with movers makes your move significantly less stressful. Would you rather spend all day arguing with your moving partners about the best way to move the couch, or show up to your new home with all your things in place and ready to unpack? Movers are worth it because they can actually make your experience an enjoyable one. You’re moving to a new place, which should be an exciting endeavor, not a dreaded task.

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