30 Years of Little Guys Movers

In 1992, three guys with some pickup trucks came together to create Little Guys Movers. They could never have imagined what it would become.

30 years later, Little Guys Movers is still going strong — in fact, it’s grown exponentially. Our little business turned into a nationwide company with eighteen locations. Our pickups became a fleet of moving trucks. But our philosophy never changed: we’re still all about hard work, having fun, and doing the right thing.

We asked the leadership team how they were feeling about this momentous milestone. Here’s some of what they had to say…


Chris Hawley of Little Guys Movers

What does it mean to you that Little Guys Movers is celebrating 30 years as a business?

It’s almost impossible to even imagine that Little Guys is turning the big 3-0! I could probably write a book about all the different ways it makes me feel to be a part of it, but ultimately, it’s just such an honor and a humbling privilege to be here. It means we’ve never stopped — never stopped caring, we’ve never stopped trying, we’ve never stopped growing and learning, we’ve never stopped innovating, and we’ve never stopped diversifying… it’s a beautiful thing to be able to contribute to and watch happen. It truly is magical. — Chris Hawley, Co-Founder & President


Marcus Watson of Little Guys Movers

To what do you attribute the success of this company?

From the very beginning, Chris and I cared about people. Whether they were customers, employees, or neighboring businesses. I think everyone that interacts with Little Guys feels that and gives it back to us. ‘The love we take is equal to the love we make.’ — Marcus Watson, Co-Founder & Vice President


Joseph Barnes of Little Guys Movers

What’s next for Little Guys Movers?

Continued growth, not only in number of locations, but as an organization focused on individual and collective excellence. — Joseph Barnes, Chief Development Officer


Jeff Barnard of Little Guys Movers

What’s the one thing you want people to know about Little Guys Movers?

We are constantly trying to learn and improve. 30 years has taught us a lot, but we’re still evolving. — Jeff Barnard, Chief Safety & Compliance Officer


Shane Onstead of Little Guys Movers

What does it mean to you that Little Guys Movers is celebrating 30 years as a business?

That we have touched and enhanced a lot of lives, both customers and employees. I am very proud to be associated with such determined and diligent co-workers and their families for all the sacrifices to make it so. — Shane Onstead, Chief Analytics Officer


Little Guys Movers Chief Operations Operator Eric Eisenmann

In a word, describe 30 years of Little Guys Movers.

Ibuprofen. — Eric Eisenmann, Chief Operations Officer


Happy anniversary to us. Here’s to the next 30 🍻


All photos by our favorite photographer (and former Little Guy), Danny Fulgencio.