Murfreesboro Commercial Moving


Every business is different, which means every commercial move is different. At Little Guys Movers, we know your business has its own unique moving needs, which is why we established commercial moving best practices that make your life easier and your move go smoother.

Reliable and Experienced Employees

The quality of a moving company’s employees can make or break your commercial moving experience. For any large or commercial move, we provide you with one main point of contact during the move who knows everything about the project. This point of contact is always one of our most seasoned employees who is proficient at managing groups of individuals and keeping customers updated. This is crucial for timely communication and an organized moving day. We also ensure that all of our employees are background checked, drug tested, and well trained — we never hire day-laborers; all of our movers are Little Guys Movers employees that you can trust with your business.

Free Onsite Estimates

An onsite is when we come visit your business in person to give you an accurate estimate. During an onsite, our salesperson will walk through your entire space to see what items need to be moved. Any potential issues or concerns can be addressed at this time to ensure a smooth commercial moving experience. For example, worried about your big industrial copier? By looking at it in person and talking through it, we’ll be totally prepared with the right team and equipment. After reviewing items to be moved, the salesperson will provide a detailed estimate and options to help reduce costs for your business.

Flat Rate Pricing

We understand that budgets are extremely important for businesses, which is why we offer flat rate pricing. Flat rate pricing provides a set price based upon the items to be moved. The only thing that will affect the price is adding or removing items from the original list, which can be done at any time leading up to and during the move. Why is this such a big benefit to businesses? Flat rate pricing eliminates the uncertainty of hourly rate pricing. That means no need to stress over the movers rate of speed — they can take all the time they need moving your heavy or delicate items without increasing your costs. Plus you’ll know what you’re paying from the start so you can include it in your monthly budget. Commercial moving estimates can be obtained free of charge, whether we do it over the phone, by email, or during an onsite visit.

Decades of Experience

Little Guys Movers was founded in 1992, which means we have three decades of commercial moving experience. We know how to adequately prepare for a successful commercial move that causes the least disruption possible to your business operations. Read our Google reviews to hear from our customers why Little Guys Movers is the best in the business.

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