25 Years a Mover: Marcus Watson, Original Little Guy

Here’s to Another 25 Years

I still have trouble believing it’s been twenty-five years since our first move. The job was for a merchant marine that lived with his family in a 4-bedroom house in Krum, Texas. Three of us showed up in a couple of Toyota pickups to move him – I can still remember the look on his face. But what we lacked in equipment, we made up for with ingenuity, charm, and hundreds of feet of rope. We loaded up both of their full-size pickups and our Toyotas, and caravanned the entire house over the course of several trips. He paid us $400 that day. We promptly bought a trailer.

Original Little Guy Marcus Watson at your service (1994).
Original Little Guy Marcus Watson at your service (1994).

And that was the beginning of this whole crazy adventure. Even when things got tough, my partner Chris and I never looked back. We’ve been through so much together. We knew nothing about running a business when we started out… we were just a couple of dudes. Only recently have we started to accept that we are businessmen now. (I mean really, we are still just a couple of dudes.) I am the dreamer and ultimate optimist, and Chris is the realist and skeptic. We are both patient but persistent. We both care a lot for people but expect a lot. We both love beer. And most importantly, we trust each other wholeheartedly. I value his friendship and our partnership most of all, and I look forward to continuing our education together.

Group of early Little Guys Movers
(Some Little Guys, circa 1997.)

To everyone that ever gave Little Guys Movers a chance, to our mentors and wise advisers, to those that staunchly support small businesses, and to our neighbors and communities, I want to say thank you for helping us to make 25 years possible. Here’s to another 25!

– Marcus Watson, Original Little Guy