Little Guys Merch by Pan Ector

Little Guys t-shirts by Pan Ector

LGM + PAN ECTOR = The Perfect Fit

A huge thank you to Pan Ector Industries for creating a killer line of Little Guys Movers merchandise in time to celebrate our 25th anniversary this year. These guys have been designing and screen printing awesome art in our hometown of Denton, Texas since 2009. If there’s a community event, a music festival, or even a little ol’ beer release party happening around town, you can bet they’ll be there, screen printing like mad for a line that twists around the block. Really, we can’t say enough good things about the crew at Pan Ector – it’s an honor knowing them and a pleasure to work with them.

Work it, Little Guys Style

And that’s why we’re especially excited to share their Little Guys merch with you. If you’re looking to class up your t-shirt collection with high quality designs that are screen printed by hand (have we mentioned how soft the shirts are?), please do yourself a favor and head over to the Pan Ector website where you can order your very own LGM-branded tee or workshirt. Speaking from experience, it will soon become one of the very favorite things in your closet. (Or in that pile of clean clothes that lives on your floor. No judgement here.)