2022 Meals on Wheels Golf Scramble

Two Little Guys stand in front of a moving truck.

Since 2017, Little Guys Movers in Norman has proudly sponsored the Meals on Wheels Golf Scramble. This year, we were honored to be invited as the 2nd place sponsor!

As the second place sponsor, we sponsored the cash prize for the 2nd place winner. This was a first for us, and it meant so much that Meals on Wheels offered us this role in the event.

Meals on Wheels is a nonprofit that delivers healthy food to ill, disabled, and elderly people in Norman. Founded in 1972, the organization has helped countless people get the nutrition they need, as well as companionship from the volunteers who deliver the food. Meals on Wheels makes a real, tangible difference in Norman, and we love partnering with them to raise money for the community.

The Golf Scramble is an annual event where teams of players compete in a tournament. None of the Little Guys participate as this OBVIOUSLY wouldn’t be fair to the other contestants 😏, but we love helping out at the event. In addition to sponsoring, we manned a designated hole location, handing out water and razzing the players. It’s a fun day for all!

As Coretta Scott King said, “the greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.” Meals on Wheels is a prime example of people coming together to compassionately care for the community of Norman, and working with them is always an honor.