Tips for Moving into Your First Apartment

Move in Like a Pro

Moving into an apartment can be overwhelming. It’s not just about packing and moving — you also have to deal with deposits, decorating restrictions, discussions with your landlord, and all kinds of other details. If you’re moving into your first apartment, fear not! We’ve gathered together our top apartment moving tips, from preparing for the move, what to do on moving day, and getting settled in.

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Check with your landlord and lease about any moving requirements or restrictions.

For example, do you have to reserve a specific time slot during which you can move in? Are there restrictions on certain elevators or stairwells? Talk to your landlord about these things before the move to avoid any surprises on moving day.

Make sure you’ve covered all deposits.

Finding a last minute dog sitter because you forgot about the pet deposit doesn’t make for a fun moving day. Double check that all deposits and fees are paid before moving in.

Don’t wait until the last minute to book a mover!

This is even more important if you’re moving during summer, which is generally the busiest season for moving companies. Try to book your movers four to six weeks out.

Start packing!

Ideally, you should begin packing at least two weeks before your move. Label your boxes by room to keep things organized.

Set aside fragile items.

Separate your fragile and valuable items from the rest of your things and make a moving plan for them. Do you want to hold onto these things yourself? Do your movers offer special services for valuables?

Get your utilities set up.

Talk to your landlord to determine if your utilities will be up and running by moving day, and if not, what you need to do to make that happen! (‘Cause you definitely want to make that happen.)

Measure your new space to make sure your things will fit.

You don’t want to get stuck with a couch that can’t fit through the door or a bed that’s too big for your room. Ensure that everything fits in your new apartment by checking ahead of time.

Make sure you have the essentials.

If you’re moving to an apartment for the first time, you may not have everything you need. Check that you have basics like cooking utensils, cleaning supplies, and other necessities you may have missed.

Pack a “First Night” box.

There are some things you are going to need on hand right away, like toilet paper and bedding for your first night. Check our list of first night necessities to ensure you have everything you need.

Inspect your apartment for damage.

Check for any issues right away that you may need to discuss with your landlord, before you move in. Do you see any holes in the walls? Broken appliances? Cracked tiles? Let your landlord know about these ahead of time so that you aren’t deemed responsible for the damage.


Grab your cleaning supplies and give everything a wipe down while your space is still empty.

Ask your landlord about locks and keys.

Have the locks been changed since the last tenant moved out? If not, ask your landlord to change the locks and then make key copies for friends and family.

Discuss any decorating rules.

Can you hang things on the walls with nails? Are you allowed to paint? Check with your landlord before you start decorating.

Determine how you’ll get your mail.

Find out if you have your own mail slot or your mail will be going to a community mailbox center. Then change your address with USPS!

Find out your trash pickup day.

Also determine the pick up process — do you put your trash outside your door, or do you need to take it to a dumpster?

Set up your WiFi.

You don’t want to get stuck with no wifi on your first day! Set up your WiFi or get your WiFi information from your landlord.

Avoid any loud moving activities at night.

Vacuuming or hammering late at night likely won’t sit well with your neighbors. Acknowledge that an apartment is a shared space and save anything loud for daytime.

Follow these tips, and hopefully you’ll avoid any major pitfalls when you moving into your first apartment. Do you still need to book your movers? Reach out to your local Little Guys Movers to get a free quote for your apartment move!