A Little Advice: Safety First

Make it a Safe Move

We are all about facilitating a safe move for our customers. If you’re preparing to move your home or office, don’t forget to make a plan for your everyday items that are dangerous to pack due to their combustible or toxic nature. Check out this practical guide to what most movers can’t, or won’t, take with them on their moving trucks. (Also read up here on the best way to dispose of or re-home hazardous materials without compromising the safety of you or your belongings during a long haul!)

Ammunition and Firearms

We always recommend that you move your own guns, but if you can’t, make sure you let your movers know. This is so we can add those specific boxes to our inventory list and label them appropriately. Before packing up your guns, be sure that they are completely unloaded and that the safety is on. The safest way to pack a gun is in a padded hard-shelled case made specifically for firearms. If you don’t have a case, carefully wrapping the gun in bubble wrap or sturdy foam will do the trick. Clearly label any boxes holding guns.

Little Guys Movers will happily move your gun safes, but we ask that you first clear everything out so that nothing is damaged in the moving process. Ammunition cannot be legally transported in a moving truck, so be sure to pack it separately from items that are traveling with your movers.

Household Cleaning Supplies

As a general rule, anything that you cannot send through the mail due to flammability or toxicity should be transported separately or disposed of properly when you’re moving. This includes many cleaning supplies. Since they’re very sensitive to pressure or temperature changes, aerosol cans should never be transported in moving trucks. The same goes for bleach, ammonia, insecticides, and acids.

Automotive Chemicals

Likewise, any supplies you might have in the garage for vehicle maintenance can be just as dangerous. Car batteries, motor oil, gasoline, antifreeze, and coolant cannot be transported by a moving company. If you insist on bringing these items with you, the best thing to do is move them in the bed of a truck, boxed up and secured so they don’t spill. Be sure to insulate those boxes with plastic to reduce the mess from spills and leaks. And of course, keep those boxes far away from cigarettes and open flames.


We hope it’s common sense to not pack anything radioactive or explosive, but we’ll mention it anyway! This especially includes fireworks. Play it safe and keep all flammable or combustible items off the truck.

Art Supplies

If you’re the crafty type, take heed! Some of your seemingly innocent art supplies may not be suitable for transportation by a moving company. Be aware of oil-based paints, darkroom chemicals, turpentine, and other thinners. Many recycling centers or art reuse organizations will take these off your hands if you prefer to recycle or donate them.

You can move theses items yourself, but please take extra precautions to secure all lids (adding an extra layer of plastic wrap underneath caps can prevent leaks) and store them upright and tightly packed to minimize risk of breakage or spills. Inhaling some of these chemicals, especially in an enclosed space like a car, can be very dangerous.

Charcoal, Lighter Fluid, and Gases

Propane tanks are dangerous to move. Also unfit for a moving company to handle: instant-light charcoal, butane or lighter fluid, or compressed gases of any kind. Your best bet is to try and recycle these or pass them along to your neighbors.

Be safe. Happy moving!