On the River

the mermaid society of texas logo

If you’ve ever visited San Marcos, you know one of its most defining features is the San Marcos River. The river is a community hub for the city, and it once housed a park called Aquarena Springs that provided entertainment for locals and tourists alike. Perhaps the most famous aspect of the park was the “Aquamaids,” who put on underwater mermaid shows. Although the park closed in 1994, it’s memory is kept alive by the Mermaid Society of Texas.

The Mermaid Society of Texas is an organization that seeks to encourage the protection and preservation of the San Marcos River. Each year the Mermaid Society hosts the Mermaid SPLASH Festival, a city-wide, multi-event festival that celebrates the city’s arts, culture, heritage, and, of course, it’s most precious resource – the San Marcos River.

This year Little Guys Movers San Marcos is thrilled to be involved in the Mermaid SPLASH Festival. The Little Guys will be donating their time and manpower to help move furniture and other items for the event. Although many of the Little Guys have visited the festival over the years, this is the first time that Little Guys Movers gets to contribute to the festival.

“We were elated when the Mermaid Society approached us to help out,” says Branch Manager Matt Yates. “Here at Little Guys Movers San Marcos, we love the river! The Mermaid Society focuses on making sure it stays clean and keeps the historic connection of Mermaids and Aquarena Springs alive. We want to help this wonderful community as much as we can, especially in the areas that embrace the city’s cultural value.”

Check out the Mermaid SPLASH Festival Event Calendar to see all the great events going on from now until September 21st.