A Heart for the Arts

Three little guys employees in front of Lubbock mural in the arts district

The arts are a part of every individual’s life. Even if you don’t see yourself as an artist, every time you watch a TV show, read a book, see a movie, drink out of a handmade mug, or look at a beautiful photograph you are engaging with the arts.

We love the arts at Little Guys Movers. In fact, our flexible work schedule makes working as a mover an ideal job for artists and musicians who may not be able to accommodate traditional 9-5 hours. We love being able to support our artistic employees, so we were excited to have the opportunity to give back to the arts in our area this month.

Last week, we partnered with the Charles Adams Studio Project to clean up the Lubbock Arts District. The Charles Adams Studio Project, or CASP, is a nonprofit organization that works to develop and maintain a working artists’ community in Lubbock that actively engages the public with the arts. CASP facilities offer artists special equipment, studios, exhibition opportunities, and other spaces for creative exchange and community engagement.

Little Guys employees moving materials in the lubbock arts district

Our movers picked up trash, pulled weeds, and hauled off building materials at CASP’s facilities, making the entire Arts District look clean and beautiful. Although many arts organizations are currently shut down due to COVID-19, this was one way that we could give back to the arts in our community.

“So many people in Lubbock go to the Lubbock Arts District to experience different kinds of art, to take pictures, and to enjoy the atmosphere,” says Director of Operations Robbie Stafford. “It was an honor for Little Guys Movers to help keep this area of Lubbock clean for everyone who enjoys it!”