Transporting Toys with the Jackson L. Graves Foundation

Jackson L Graves Foundation volunteers with toys for children
Every year during the holiday season, the Little Guys of Fayetteville get up at 5:00 am, load up their truck in the dark, and drive for four hours straight. It may sound like a less-than-ideal job, but it’s actually one of their very favorite days of the year – the day they get to deliver toys to the children at the Arkansas Children’s Hospital.

For the past seven years, Little Guys Movers has taken part in this event, put on by the Jackson L. Graves Foundation. They are known for driving “Santa’s 26’ Sleigh,” aka the Little Guys truck, which brings toys and much-needed supplies to the children and families in the hospital.

“We’re involved in so many events that give back to the community, especially those that help children. Taking the toys to the children for the Jackson L. Graves Foundation is by far my favorite and the most rewarding,” says Branch Manager Jake Ladue. “It gives us the opportunity to help some very amazing children on Christmas. These children and families would probably rather be almost anywhere else during the holidays, and my hope is that, even if just for a short bit, we can help make life feel normal again.”

Giving back is incredibly important to Little Guys Movers, and there’s no time of year where people in difficult situations feel their troubles quite like the holidays. To be able to help spread a little cheer and put a smile on someone’s face is what means the most to us.

As Jake put it, “When we walk down the halls with all the kids excited to see us and what we’ve brought, there’s really no other feeling like it.”

To learn more about the Jackson L. Graves Foundation and how you can help children in need, visit their website.