Little Guys Movers Receives Lennar Co-Marketing Partner of the Year Award

Little Guys Movers Austin manager holding Lennar award with Brian David DesignLittle Guys Movers Austin is honored to be named the Co-Marketing Partner of the Year by Lennar, the home construction and real estate company. Little Guys Movers is sharing the award with Brian David Design, a local design consultant that specializes in staging homes.

All throughout the year, Little Guys Movers and Brian David Design work hand-in-hand to stage homes that Lennar is selling. Brian makes the decorating decisions, and the Little Guys move everything to fit with his vision. Together they manage over 30 collections of furniture and decor for Lennar. Little Guys Movers also “unstages” the homes once they have sold.

Little Guys Movers is thrilled to be recognized for their work with Lennar. “Your partnership with us and each other is seamless,” says Lennar Director of Marketing Jill Driskill. “You go above and beyond for Lennar day after day. You both, along with your teams, truly help us succeed.”

“Receiving this award truly means a lot,” says Little Guys Movers Austin Branch Manager Ryan Adams. “Lennar is the #1 Home Builder in America. It’s an honor just to work with them.”