Work on Wilmington

Mike the Mover and Work On Wilmington
Making the communities we live in a better place is a key element of the Little Guys Movers culture. We love having the opportunity to contribute to our cities, and Work on Wilmington is one of our favorite days of the year give back.

Work on Wilmington is one day each year when volunteers come together to tackle community projects all over the city. For four hours, everyone gives it their all, and the results are amazing. This is the fourth time that the Little Guys Movers Wilmington location has been able to participate.

“There are thousands of volunteers around the city during Work on Wilmington,” says Branch Manager Andrew Harmon, “and we feel very grateful and lucky to be some of them!”

This year, Little Guys Movers Wilmington helped construct flower beds and playgrounds for Rachel Freeman Elementary School. As Little Guys, we’re used to putting our back into things and breaking a sweat, so having the chance to give back while doing so is incredibly meaningful to us. We love our city, and we love that we can make a difference!