Work Hard, Play Hard

We Prioritize Fun

For every Little Guy, a pizza At Little Guys Movers, we believe a job should be more than just work. The average person will spend a majority of their life working, so why should it be a drag?

We have always made fun a priority. Little Guys Movers was built on creating a culture where everyone would be able to work hard while having a good time. Ask our movers, and they’ll tell you their favorite thing about being a Little Guy is the camaraderie they have with their coworkers and how much they actually enjoy being on the job.

Are you ready for a job where it’s okay (and encouraged!) to have a good time? We work hard, there’s no doubt about that. You need to have a strong work ethic and a great team spirit to be a successful Little Guy, but through all of the heavy lifting we love to laugh, joke, and enjoy ourselves.

If you’re interested in joining the Little Guys Movers Wilmington team, head over to our jobs page to apply.