Winter Moving Tips

little guys movers truck covered in snow

Moving in cold weather comes with its own set of challenges. Here’s a few quick tips to make winter moves a little easier!

Keep It Professional

Hire professional movers for your winter move. This may seem like a boring tip, but it’s the most important one! Moving is difficult in any conditions, but it’s particularly hard — and potentially dangerous — when you’re dealing with snow or ice. Professional movers have the necessary experience and tools for moving in winter. Skip slipping and sliding everywhere with a DIY move and let the experts handle it!

Bring the Heat

Double check that your heater is up and running in your new space. Brief respites from the cold are necessary in freezing weather, plus you’ll want it ready when the movers are gone!

Prepare for a Meltdown

Not the emotional kind…the dripping kind! Snow and ice that accumulates on your belongings (or on people!) will melt once inside, leaving you with water to deal with. Have towels ready to mop up melted snow and protect your floors.

Weather the Storm

Be ready for the worst conditions — don’t pack up your winter gear! Shovels, ice scrapers, snow boots, and rock salt should be easily accessible.

If you’re preparing for a winter move in Bryan/College Station, give us a shout! Little Guys Movers has been navigating cold weather moves for 25 years. Get a free quote today!