Not Your Average Desk Job

Say Goodbye to 9 to 5 with Little Guys Movers

wilmington little guys mover behind a desk

Do hate sitting at a desk all day?

We hear you.

Little Guys Movers is the perfect place to work if you’re not into the typical 9 to 5. Our employees get to experience different things every day — no two moves are the same! We offer flexible scheduling, which is great for people who are pursuing other passions like music, fitness, or schooling. We want our employees to actually enjoy their time on the job, not feel trapped in an office. Plus, we have advancement opportunities for those who decide to pursue a long-term career with Little Guys Movers — most of our managers started out as movers!

Wilmington Moving Jobs with Little Guys Movers

Does Little Guys Movers sound like it might be the perfect place for you? Apply today to join our Wilmington team!