Wilmington College Movers

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Moving into a dorm or a new apartment? The Little Guys Wilmington college movers have got your back.

Dorm and Apartment Moving Experts

Stairs, busy parking lots, tight corners, small doorways…none of it scares us. Our Wilmington college movers have seen it all and conquered it all. We can maneuver large and heavy items around and into the narrowest of spaces. And if we can’t? We regularly disassemble and reassemble furniture to make things fit, and we’ve definitely lifted some sofas up to a balcony a time or two. Moving into a dorm or apartment is far more challenging than moving into a single family home — trust expert Wilmington college movers who have been there, done that.

College Movers Since 1992

Little Guys Movers was founded in a college town when we were just a couple of guys and a couple of trucks. We’ve been moving dorms and apartments since 1992, so we’re coming up on three decades of experience. You know how it supposedly takes 10,000 hours to become an expert? Yeah, we’ve definitely hit that number. If you’re looking for Wilmington college movers, look no further.

It Takes a Village

Moving into a dorm or apartment with one or two other people is a huge undertaking. When you work with Little Guys Wilmington college movers, you have a whole team of people caring for your belongings and making sure everything is moved safely and efficiently. Say goodbye to arguing with your friends and family about how to move the couch — our movers are highly trained and know how to cooperate to get stuff done. Plus, it takes more than just manpower to complete a successful move. We have all the supplies you need — moving blankets, straps, dollies, the list goes on — to make your move a cinch.

Contact our Wilmington college movers today about moving into a dorm or apartment. We can provide a free, customized quote to get you started.