Tips for Moving Your Plants

A Little Guys Movers mover is surrounded by leafy plants in a moving truck.

Moving can be challenging for all of us — even for our houseplants! But with some careful planning and a bit of extra attention, you can ensure your house plants make the move successfully. Here are some tips from the moving experts at Little Guys Movers to keep your leafy friends happy and healthy during the relocation process.

Do Your Research

Before moving day, take some time to research each of your plants. You may need a reminder about their unique needs — after months or years, it’s easy to forget you placed your pothos in the kitchen because the light is just right, not just because it looked nice there. Understanding each plant’s care requirements will help you provide the appropriate conditions in your new home, as well as during your move. For instance, can your plant handle a hot moving truck, or should you take it in your air-conditioned car?

Prune and Trim

A few weeks before moving, prune and trim your plants. This not only helps them look neat and tidy, but also reduces the stress on the plants during the move. Remove dead leaves and any unwanted growth to promote a healthier transition.

Use Suitable Containers

Your handmade ceramic pots may be beautiful, but they aren’t ideal for travel. Transplant your plants into lightweight, unbreakable pots a few weeks before the move, or bubble wrap breakable containers. This minimizes the risk of breakage and makes them easier to handle.

Secure Soil and Water Mindfully

To avoid soil spillage during transit, cover the soil with a layer of newspaper or plastic wrap and secure it with a rubber band. This helps keep the soil in place while allowing the roots to breathe.

Also, water your plants a day or two before the move to ensure they are hydrated but not waterlogged. Avoid watering on moving day to prevent leaks and spills.

Unpack Promptly

Once you arrive at your new home, unpack your plants as soon as possible. Give them a thorough inspection for any signs of stress or pests. Water them as needed and reintroduce them to their usual light conditions.

Did you know that moving companies (like us!) will move houseplants for you? No worrying about maneuvering tall trees or heavy pots — the professionals at Little Guys Movers will handle it. Get a free quote for your move today.