The Human Race

A Little Guy poses with a Wonder Woman cutout in front of a moving truck

At Little Guys Movers, we’re passionate about moving, but we’re even more passionate about our community. We care about the cities in which we operate. We don’t just want to help people move — we want to help people, period.

Racing for a Good Cause

We love to get involved with local nonprofits and initiatives, and one of our favorites is The Human Race. The Human Race is a fundraising event for 70+ nonprofit organizations in the Greensboro area. It is put on by The Volunteer Center of Greensboro, the largest Volunteer Center hub in all of North Carolina. Each participant or team in the race can run or walk (or roll!) to benefit their chosen charity. As movers, we are uniquely equipped to play a part in this event — we donate our services to set up the course and deliver supplies to and from the event location.

The race is a fun day for everyone. This year had a superhero theme, and in addition to the actual 5K, there are tons of games, prizes, food, and dogs to pet! It’s a great time to bring the community together, and it’s so rewarding to see how all the nonprofits benefit from this event. We love being able to help, and we look forward to being involved for years to come.