Ryan Walker: Celebrating 5 Years in Norman

Ryan, Director of Operations at Little Guys Movers in Norman, OK

We have another Little Guys milestone to celebrate! Ryan Walker, the Operations Director at Little Guys Movers in Norman, celebrated his five year anniversary with the company this year. We thought we’d do a quick Q&A with Ryan about his time with the company and his experience rising in the ranks. Any potential Little Guys looking to crush it at our company — take note!

Tell us about your path to Operations Director.

I joined Little Guys Movers in February of 2018. I started as a noob! I worked my way up to a Navigator, then a Crew Leader in Training, and then Crew Leader. I then transitioned to assisting other stores with training and development of newer movers before I stepped up into the Operations Director position at Norman.

Why do you love being a Little Guy? What made you want to continue climbing the Little Guys ladder?

I stayed because I truly enjoy the work and the people I’m here with. Plus, the workout and the constantly changing environment has kept me captivated for a long time!

What is your advice for someone who wants a career with Little Guys Movers?

If you want to move up, I would recommend being dependable, being on time, and having a good attitude. That will take you farther than most things!


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