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Mike the Mover on a snare drum with sticks

Don’t Stop the Music

Little Guys are music lovers. In fact, many of us our musicians ourselves. Here’s why Little Guys Movers is a place where musicians can thrive:

Flexible Scheduling

At Little Guys, we work with you to find an optimal work schedule. Musicians love working with us because they can work during day and play gigs at night, and we can do our best to work around touring schedules. Here you can have a consistent career without giving up your passion!


Because so many of us are musicians, you are walking right into a community of fellow creatives you understand you. We get what you love — have you seen our recent campaign that shows how music and moving go hand in hand? Trust us, we get you.

Are you a musician in search of a day job in Murfreesboro? Reach out and apply on our jobs page.