Packing, Storing, and Moving Area Rugs

Little Guys Movers in Lubbock carry a large are rug.

Area rugs are integral parts of our living spaces, but they can be difficult to move. Learn how to pack, store, and move area rugs without causing any damage.

Clean Your Rugs Ahead of Time

While you may want to do a more thorough cleaning of your rugs once you’ve moved into your new space, it’s important to ensure they are relatively clean and totally dry before moving day. Dirt and moisture can damage fibers during transportation, and they can cause major problems if you’re storing your rugs for a period of time.

Roll, Don’t Fold

This is the golden rule of packing area rugs — never fold, always roll. Folding your rugs can lead to annoying creases at best, and permanent damage to the fibers at worst. Roll your rug tightly with the pile facing inward to protect it during transit. For extra protection, consider using acid-free paper to wrap the rug before rolling.

Use the Right Packing Materials

Invest in sturdy, high-quality packaging materials for your rug. For rugs that are particularly valuable, you may even want to invest in a custom crate. Heavy-duty plastic wrapping is perfectly adequate, however, for most rugs. When you work with Little Guys Movers Lubbock, we’ll supply the packing materials you need and can pack up your rugs for you!

Use Climate-Controlled Storage

If you’re storing your rug, you need a climate-controlled storage unit. Extreme temperatures, humidity, and pests can wreak havoc on textiles — don’t risk your rug just to save a few bucks.

Store Rugs Properly

Rugs should be elevated off the ground to create ventilation and prevent moisture from seeping in. Also, never place heavy items on top of rolled rugs — this could crush the fibers and ruin your rug’s natural shape.

Work with Professional Movers

Professional moving companies have experience handling fragile and high-value items, including area rugs. A company like Little Guys Movers Lubbock will pack your rug with care, move it safely, and unpack and unroll it correctly.

If you need to move an area rug, contact the Lubbock Little Guys for a free, custom quote.