More Than Just a Race

Runners at Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon

Each year, the people of Oklahoma come together to remember the tragic Oklahoma City bombing in 1995 at the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon. This race is about so much more than running — it’s about celebrating life, and honoring the lost, the survivors, the first responders, the volunteers, and everyone who was affected by the heartbreaking day.

The Little Guys Movers Norman team was proud to participate in the event this year, volunteering their services to set up and take down all the banners on the race route. The route includes 168 banners, one for every individual who died in the bombing, and each banner included their photo and name. It took nine Little Guys, three trucks, and three days to complete the banner set up. Because most of it was done during the night, set up lasted until 3:00 AM each morning. It was hard work, but it was meaningful work. At Little Guys Movers, being part of the community and contributing to things that matter is our greater purpose.

“What I remember most about the horrific event was the way us Okies came together to help in any way we could,” says Branch Manager Ryan Hamblin, “showing the world just how resilient the people of Oklahoma are and always have been. It’s important to everyone at Little Guys Movers Norman to stand with the people of our great state. We’re not in business just to make money. We’re also in the business of supporting our communities. This is ingrained in our Little Guys DNA — and in our Okie DNA, too.”

Little Guys Movers was honored to assist with the memorial, and our hearts go out to all who were affected. We’re so proud of the Oklahoma community, and we’re privileged to be a part of it.