Neil Johnson: Celebrating 10 Years

An entire decade ago, Neil Johnson joined Little Guys Movers. Since then he’s risen in the ranks to become Murfreesboro’s Operations Director, and we’re honored by his continued dedication to our company. We decided to do a little Q&A with Neil to get his insights and celebrate this accomplishment. Happy 10th anniversary, Neil!

How did you first join Little Guys Movers?

After working years in restaurants and warehouses, I was looking for something new to try while transitioning into a more stable career. I only planned on working here for six months, but the culture and camaraderie really captivated me. I had never had a job I actually looked forward to waking up and going to before Little Guys, and the rest is history.

When did you know you wanted to be at LGM long-term?

I have had a lot of jobs before Little Guys, but I had never worked anywhere where management actually cared about my personal well-being and helping me reach my goals in life. When the possibility of upward mobility came around, I saw a career path where I could help motivate others the same way that I had been.

How did you climb the ladder to Operations Director?

I spent several years primarily in the field, then started auditing all of our drivers’ paper logs because mine were always spot on. I slowly transitioned into a more sales/management oriented role over the years. As some of my now long-term friends moved onto bigger and greater things, I was fortunate enough to continue to carry their torch.

What makes Little Guys Movers a good place to grow a career?

There are few jobs where you can get so many different types of work experience in one place. Manual labor of course, but then you move on to learn how to manage others, experience driving commercial vehicles, and helping people get through some of the most stressful situations that can arise in life.

Do you have any advice for potential Little Guys?

If you have the drive to work hard and to learn skills that will set you up no matter where you decide to go in life, Little Guys Movers is an amazing place to work. The freedom that comes from having a job you love, and coworkers that are like family is something that just can’t be quantified. I wouldn’t give it up for anything!