Moving a Trampoline

A young child jumps in the air on a trampoline.

Trampolines are an amazing investment. Fun? Check. Simple? Check. Will tire the kids out with little-to-no-work from you? Check!

But when you’re moving to a new home, suddenly your trampoline is a problem. There’s no way you can fit a trampoline in your car, and they are large and cumbersome to move.

That’s why you need a moving team who’s done it all before.

At Little Guys Movers, we’ve moved more trampolines than we can count. We’re not amateurs — our employees are highly trained and know how to move large items as a team. Communication is key, plus we have the supplies to make moving a trampoline as easy as possible.

Don’t throw your back out trying to move a trampoline yourself. Don’t bother hiring someone off an app that has no idea what they’re doing. And most of all, don’t stress! There’s no need to say goodbye to your beloved trampoline just because you’re moving. Call Little Guys Movers and have us handle it for you. We can give you a free, custom quote and build a moving plan designed just for you and your needs — trampoline included!