Mike the Little Guy & the Next Big Thing

Mike the Little Guy is about to embark on one of his biggest adventures yet.

Can you guess where Mike is headed this time?

To be a true Little Guy, a mover must be able to embrace change and possess a willingness… nay… a calling to try new, exciting things. There’s something unique to experience every day, whether it’s meeting new people on the job or traveling to a place we’ve never been before. We get really excited about the prospect of a long distance move or an interesting challenge. Are you wondering how you’re going to get that couch through the doorway or move a baby grand down the stairs? Give your local Little Guys Movers location a call and we’ll send out a crew to help you get the job done right.

Mike the Little Guy is the embodiment of the fearless adventurer within all of us. He loves taking in the sights and seeing what’s out there to explore. He represents what we stand for when we say we’re ready when you are: Ready to tackle the move; Ready to hit the open road; Ready to help you on your journey to the next big thing.

If you’ve been following along with Mike’s travels this year, you know he’s just getting started! There are so many places to explore, and right now he’s gearing up for his biggest adventure yet. Be sure to keep up with his adventures, and the adventures of all our awesome Little Guys, on Instagram and Twitter.