Making Moves

Little Guys Movers Gainesville new Branch Manager, Rusten Bullard in front of a Little Guys Movers moving truck.

Rusten Bullard Joins Little Guys in Gainesville

We are thrilled to announce our newest, upcoming Little Guys Movers location: Gainesville, Florida. The Gainesville Little Guys will launch in 2019, and we are extra excited because it will be led by someone who’s already a member of the Little Guys family — Rusten Bullard. Rusten began his Little Guys career in May 2014 and is the Store Manager of our Lubbock location. Over the years he’s recognized Florida’s need for a Little Guys Movers location, and now he’s helping us make it happen. We sat down with Rusten to discuss his transition to Gainesville and why he loves being a Little Guy:

What has your Little Guys journey been like? What drew you to the company?
I needed a job as I was preparing to graduated from university. I was working in a cigar lounge, and David Conklin was a member of the lounge. I had met him and Michael Prewit on different occasions and we got along pretty well. As graduation day approached, I was searching for jobs online and Little Guys was hiring for a Director of Operations.

What did you love about Little Guys Mover Lubbock? Any highlights in your time there? What will you miss?
Lubbock is a very busy office. Busiest office in the country. I’ll miss the busy moving grind. Of course, it’ll be replaced by a completely different type of hustle.

The greatest highlight about Lubbock Little Guys was the overall introduction to the company and the loving relationship that developed. I’ll miss the lifelong connections and relationships that I’ve had in Lubbock. When you’ve been living somewhere for almost forty years, there are definite roots that have to be severed to move.

Why are you making the transition to Gainesville?
I have been visiting Florida every year for the past four years, and every time I come home I am excited about Florida as a good prospect for Little Guys. The company must grow, and this is a move that creates mobility in the company. Gainesville has a great demographic and a very familiar feel, as is it a college town surrounded by great big cities, just like Lubbock. I hope it operates and treats me as Lubbock has.

What do you want the people of Gainesville to know about Little Guys Movers?
Little Guys is all about doing right by people. It’s not all about the money. Unfortunately, it takes some money to operate as a business. But it’s always exciting when I have the opportunity to share an experience with a customer and they get to see that the care we take in our service takes priority over delivering the bill and collecting a payment. Our job is to help.

Why do you love working for Little Guys Movers?
Little Guys is a community within itself. We are a small company with great potential. It’s exciting knowing and being able to fellowship with Little Guys at every level, from the ownership to fellow managers in other states.

I love the values on which we are built. Doing right by people is our greatest priority. That’s a great litmus for progress.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Gainesville store opening!