A Little Guys Milestone

little guys mover employee holding snare drum

Austin Mover & Musician Celebrates Anniversary

Meet Greg Rutherford.
Greg has been part of the Little Guys family since he joined our Austin team in May of 2012. Greg is a touring musician who has found Little Guys Movers’ flexible scheduling to be the perfect fit for his lifestyle. We love encouraging our employees to follow their passions, and so to celebrate Greg’s five years with us, we awarded him with a gift card for some awesome music equipment! We also asked Greg to offer a little insight into his career and how Little Guys Movers has helped him pursue his music…

Get to Know Greg

What did you purchase with your gift card from Little Guys Movers?
A Canopus Yaiba 6.5 inch snare drum from Tommy’s Drum Shop, and a nice case for the snare.

How long have you been playing with your band, Radioactivity? Describe your musical style.
Radioactivity has been a band for 7 years, but I’ve been playing music with those dudes for about 11 years. Our sound has been described as “high energy and well-crafted punk.”

How did you first hear about Little Guys Movers and why did you apply?
I lost my job in Decatur, Texas in 2012, and I had always seen the Little Guys Movers trucks in Denton. I just thought it sounded like a fun job, and after meeting with (Branch Manager) Brad, I knew I would enjoy working there.

Is Little Guys Movers a good employer for musicians? Why?
Yes! The obvious reason being the flexible schedule. There are not many employers who will let you leave for 4 weeks and come back. Little Guys Movers always let me go live my dream and welcomed me back when I was ready. Also, a huge part of being a touring musician is loading and unloading the van, and driving. Little Guys Movers taught me how to do that, so people like being in bands with me.

Congrats to Greg, and thank you for your years of service as a Little Guys Mover!