A Little Advice: Play Hard

Recycle Moving Boxes

What’s the best way to recycle moving boxes? We’re glad you asked. To keep up with the frantic day-to-day pace and heavy lifting required to be the best movers in the business, Little Guys Movers focuses daily on the importance of balancing work and play. After conducting some very (ahem) scientific studies, we have found that most people are happier and do better work when they get a chance to have fun every now and then! Imagine that.

Work Hard

We think our theory extends beyond professional moving. The days leading up to and after your move can be just as stressful as moving day itself. There are phone calls to be made, addresses to change, utilities to switch over. Not to mention all the packing, cleaning, organizing, and shuffling involved. During this stressful time it’s more important than ever to make sure you and your family are taking care of yourselves and making time to have a little fun, too.

Play Hard

Our idea for beating those moving blues? Once you’re in the new place, take a break, exercise some creativity, and put those big ol’ moving boxes to use! Here’s our simple take on the best box fort ever: all you need is a few sturdy boxes, a sharp exacto knife (keep out of reach of children!), some chalk, and a little bit of inspiration. Watch our video to see how Little Guys do it!

Supplies for building a box fort including scissors, a box cutter, tape, and colorful chalk

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