How to Move Furniture Upstairs

A Little Guy helps move a piece of furniture up carpeted stairs in a house.


Ah, stairs. The enemy of the mover. But have no fear — we’ve been working with stairs for almost three decades. Enjoy your definitive guide on how to move furniture upstairs:

Grab a Friend (Or Two or Three)

It’s time to call in some favors. Don’t try to move furniture upstairs on your own. It takes at least two people, but three or four can be helpful, too. Don’t get too many people involved, though, or you’ll end up with a lot of competing voices trying to direct you. Just a few people is best. But we’ll say it one more time: never go it alone!

Measure Twice, Move Once

This may sound obvious, but when you plan to move furniture upstairs you need to be sure that it will actually fit. Measure the piece of furniture and any doorways, turns in the staircase, etc. If it turns out your item won’t ever fit, you’ve just saved yourself a lot of time and energy.

Get Equipped

While we wish all it took to move furniture was some brute strength and determination, you really need some equipment. Moving furniture upstairs isn’t the same as moving a couple of boxes. Dollies, straps, and moving blankets are your friends. Just trust us on this one.

Protect and Prepare

Moving furniture upstairs can do some serious damage, both to the item itself and the surrounding environment. Scraped walls, nicked banisters, and tears and scratches can occur if you don’t protect everything first. Use moving blankets to pad the furniture as well as doorways and bannisters. You may even want to consider covering your carpeted stairs with self-adhesive plastic to avoid tearing. This step may seem like a pain, but it’s far less painful than dealing with damage to your belongings and home.

Get Creative

The secret to moving your couch upstairs may be standing it on its end. Perhaps you’ve got to take the legs off your table and reassemble it after it’s been moved. Tilting your lounge chair on its side and pivoting it through a doorway may be the answer. When it comes time to move furniture upstairs, you’ve got to be willing to get creative. Try different angles and strategies, and of course, stay safe!

Call in the Experts

Sometimes, you just need to work with expert movers. At Little Guys Movers, we know how to move furniture upstairs because we do it every day. While taking the DIY route has its benefits, nothing compares to sitting back and relaxing while experts take the wheel. If you need to move furniture upstairs, contact Little Guys Movers to get a free, customized quote. We’d love to take it off your hands!