How Do I Know I Can Trust My Movers?

Three movers from Little Guys Movers pack up a kitchen with care.


Finding movers you can trust is important. Movers enter your home, handle your belongings, and spend time around your family — of course you want to be sure they are trustworthy people! So how do you know you can trust your movers? Here are a few steps you can take to make sure you’ve chosen a moving company you can count on.

Read Reviews

Look for a company with lots of reviews (three Google reviews ain’t gonna cut it) that are 90% positive. Every company is going to have a negative review once in a while, so don’t let those discourage you. As long as there are only a few negative ones in a sea of positive reviews, you can bet the company is trustworthy.

Look for Licenses

Having the proper licenses is a must. Any moving company worth their salt will be licensed via state agencies, and take a look at the American Moving and Storage Association to check that your moving company is in compliance with all federal laws. No license, no move!

Check Their Liability Coverage

Even with the best movers, things go wrong sometimes. Make sure your moving company is insured and is liable for damages that occur during the move. They may have multiple coverage options you can choose from, and ask about full value protection if you want your items to be 100% covered for their full replacement cost.

Ask About Hiring Policies

Are the movers thoroughly background checked? How long and in-depth is the training process? Are employees paid well? Getting details about the company’s hiring process and employee requirements can make you feel good about the movers coming into your home — or reveal some red flags.

Work With an Established Company

We get it, every company has to start somewhere. But if you’re concerned about trusting your movers, choosing an organization with a long history can put your mind at ease. If they’ve been serving your community for years, they must be doing something right.

At Little Guys Movers, we check all of these boxes and then some. We pride ourselves on being movers you can trust, and always work to go above-and-beyond on every job. Have questions for us? Contact us today to discuss our company and your moving needs, and to get a free quote.