Not So Serious

Now Hiring Lubbock Little Guys

Two Little Guys Movers posing with a statue We’re serious about our business. We’re serious about moving. We’re serious about creating a positive experience for our customers.

But beyond that, we’re really not that serious.

We love what we do, and a big part of that is the workplace culture we’ve created. We believe you can go to work and actually have fun. You’ll always find us goofing around on the job, cracking jokes and having a great time. Our co-workers are our friends — friends that quickly become family.

There’s a reason that most of our managers began their Little Guys careers as movers. Once you realize you much you can enjoy your job, you’re not content to go work anywhere else.

Do you want a fun, fast-paced job in Lubbock? We’re hiring Little Guys (and Gals) to be mover and drivers. Apply now to experience a job you love!