Grace Like Rain

Little Guys Movers employees moving boxes in Grace Like Rain officeThe COVID-19 outbreak has had unprecedented effects on the world. As people grapple with unemployment, financial strain, and the loss of child care, it’s incredibly important that we do what we can for our communities. We may not be able to change the world, but we can make a difference for those around us.

With this in mind, our Denton Little Guys decided to team up with Serve Denton to see how they could help.

“We reached out to our friends at Serve Denton to see if there were any immediate opportunities to help our community,” says Branch Manager Brad Steiger. “They told us that one of their partners at their facility, Grace Like Rain, needed some help swapping offices and assembling some new desks. This was right up our alley and a wonderful chance to help those who are serving our community.”

Grace Like Rain is an organization that helps struggling families with housing solutions, job opportunities, and child care. Their vision is to see every family with young children find stability and receive support in times of crises.

“In today’s current environment, having an organization that attends to these needs is vital for our community,” says Brad. Grace Like Rain does incredible work year-round, but the good they’re doing for the community is more valuable than ever before as families deal with the effects of coronavirus.

The Denton crew was more than willing to pitch in to help Grace Like Rain move offices, donning face masks and gloves in order to ensure they were moving everything safely. It’s not much, but moving is what we do, and it means so much more when we can use our skills for the good of others.

To learn more about Grace Like Rain, visit their website.