Marketing Support for Our Franchisees

On the left, a Little Guy sprinkling salt on a rack of ribs; on the right, the same Little Guy sprinkling packing peanuts into a moving box.

When you franchise with Little Guys Movers, you’re not stepping into the typical franchising machine. We’re committed to helping our franchisees every step of the way — we even have a franchise support team to ensure you get all the assistance you need in your new venture.

We Get Creative

One area where we offer considerable support to our franchisees is with marketing asset development. We love putting together fun and creative, multi-platform campaigns, which is why all of our franchisees have access to materials born from our partnership with Swash Labs. Swash Labs is a modern, full-service advertising and creative agency located in Denton, Texas, the origination point and current HQ of Little Guys Movers. We started working with Swash Labs in 2012, creating all kinds of awesome marketing campaigns, including digital advertising and video. We have worked hand-in-hand with Swash Labs to develop a complete, sophisticated marketing program, and all of our franchisees have the opportunity to benefit from this partnership.

Check out our latest Little Guys Movers campaign with Swash Labs, Way of Life. And then take a peek behind the scenes to see how we make it all happen!

Are you interested in franchising with Little Guys Movers? Talk to us! We’d love to give you more information about becoming a Little Guy. Start by visiting our franchising website to learn more.