Drive-in Easter

Life looks different for all of us during the COVID-19 pandemic. People are working from home, businesses are temporarily closed, and we’re all practicing social distancing. This means that for churches, Easter required an entirely new approach.

Many churches hosted virtual livestream services to celebrate the day, but one church in Lubbock had a particularly unique idea to bring the congregation together: a drive-in service.

Faith2Faith Outreach Ministries approached our Little Guys Movers Lubbock team to see if they could help make this vision a reality. The Lubbock crew cleared the parking lot of moving trucks and let the church staff set up on the back loading dock. On Easter morning, the congregation drove up in their cars to worship, hear an Easter message, and be together – as much as is possible during this time.

“Little Guys Movers was more than willing to help our local church and community so they could celebrate Easter together during the current social distancing protocols,” says Branch Manager Drew Brannon. “It was the least we could do to support our neighbors.”

While we all look forward to the day when social distancing is a thing of the past, it’s inspiring to see the creative ways we’ve found to be together. Little Guys Movers is proud to have had the chance to play a small role in helping a community reunite for a day!