Downsizing & Upgrading

Everyone has a different reason for their move. Over the last 25 years of moving residential homes, businesses, schools, and organizations, Little Guys Movers has seen just about every sort of moving scenario. Some of the more common reasons people move involve either downsizing or upgrading: kids go to school, babies are born, folks get married and divorced, big decisions are made. We’re proud to help people through some of these really stressful life changes the best way we know how: by making the process of moving as easy as possible.

Whether you’re downsizing or upgrading, going through a big shift, or just need a change of scenery, Little Guys Movers is ready to help with the logistics and the heavy lifting. We’ve been known to travel long distances to get our customers to where they need to go. We can even help you pack! Our Little Guys are always happy to share a positive outlook with and prove that any move can be a good move.

Two Little Guys trucks parked outside a house