Nice and Clean

austin moving truck being washed

Little Guys Movers Austin Moving Services

Cleanliness is a virtue here at Little Guys Movers.

We don’t care if our employees keep their rooms at home neat and tidy, but they’ve got to be clean on the job. Our Little Guys Movers Austin team stepped up and gave our truck a wash recently — we can’t be driving around town in a dingy vehicle!

But most importantly, we keep it clean during our moves. You can trust that the Little Guys won’t leave your home a mess. We care about our customers — truly! It’s our goal to make moving a more positive experience for everyone involved. That means that the job isn’t done until you’re happy with how we’re leaving your new space. We pay careful attention to where you want each box and piece of furniture. You won’t find us tossing boxes into your home willy-nilly.

When you work with Little Guys Movers, you’re working with experts. We aren’t amateur movers looking for a quick buck. We’re a company with 25 years and 250,000+ successful moves behind us. We care about you and we’re determined to make your move a great one.

Are you moving in Austin soon? Contact the Little Guys. We can provide a free, no obligation quote for your move and create a moving plan that’s perfect for you.