5 Tips for Moving in Winter

Mike the Mover posing with a tiny snowman in front of a Little Guys truck It’s a cold winter this year, and if you are planning to move you may feel a bit overwhelmed. Here’s 5 quick tips to make moving in winter a little more bearable!

1. Don’t pack your winter supplies.

Keep your shovel, ice scraper, and warm clothes handy in case the weather ends up worse than you expected. It’s also a good idea to have salt available for slippery sidewalks and a door mat so that movers can avoid tracking too much snow into your new space.

2. Board your pets or have a friend take them for the day.

Losing a pet during a move is a major concern for many people, but it’s especially worrisome when the weather is bad. With movers going in and out, it can be difficult to make sure your pets don’t wander out the door and get lost in the cold. Have someone watch them until the move is complete, then introduce them to their new home.

3. Have towels on hand.

Why towels you ask? If there’s any snow, sleet, or ice, your boxes and furniture may get wet. Keep towels out to dry off your things as they come into the house, as well as to lay down as padding to prevent water damage from any particularly soaked boxes.

4. Make sure the heat is working!

Check your heater ahead of time to ensure that you will have heat during and after the move.

5. Consider making some warm drinks.

Plug in your coffee maker first thing and get some coffee brewing. Don’t forget disposable cups — you and your movers will appreciate having something warm to drink!