A Little Advice: A Green(er) Move

Moving Tips for a Greener Move

Have you ever noticed how many disposable supplies are needed for a move? Tape, packing paper, bubble wrap, those little foam peanut things, boxes, boxes, and more boxes. At the end of the day, it can all add up. We know how you feel, so we compiled a few tips to help you keep it green.

Protect Plants From Cold Weather

Reuse your bubble wrap to keep plants warm during a frost. You read that right ﹘ wrapping your garden in bubble wrap blankets only requires a little piece of tape and you’re done.

You can also save your potted perennials from freezing by insulating your containers with bubble wrap. Simply wrap the bubbles around the inside of the pot before filling it up with soil. This will keep your plants nice and cozy in colder weather. 

Step Up Your Garden “Box” Game

Keep weeds from taking over your garden by reusing moving boxes. Before you incorporate the boxes into your raised garden bed, be sure to remove any tape, glue, or stickers. Place the flattened boxes at the very bottom of the bed so that the cardboard covers the entire space of the garden. Then, add layers of mulch and quality soil over the top. Now you’re ready to plant! 


Shred packing paper, cardboard, and newspaper, then add to your compost pile in small amounts. Pairs well with grass clippings, coffee grounds, and veggie scraps from the kitchen!

No Garden? Reuse, Recycle

Of course, if you don’t have a garden, talk to your local Little Guys Movers. Some locations will buy cardboard boxes back from customers, or may even remove them at no additional charge. You can also take boxes to your local recycling facility, or simply donate them to someone who is getting ready for their own upcoming move.

And there you have it. Make your move ﹘ and your garden ﹘ a little greener by repurposing your packing materials. Happy moving!

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