Little Guys & the Lizard Terrarium

Nothing makes us happier than knowing we’ve made a positive impact on someone’s moving day. A last-minute move to help move a huge lizard cage might have been a first for us, but judging by our customer’s review, we handled ourselves (and our lizard friend) well!

“First off, this company saved me. I had an iguana cage (about 750 pounds and very fragile) that could not be loaded off the truck due to poor planning on the freight side. I explained the situation and they immediately sent Ben and Josh. Ben and Josh were amazing. The freight driver said it was impossible to move the cage into my house without damage. Ben and Josh refused to believe that. They both worked hard to find a solution and it worked. They actually decided to hand carry the cage rather than risk damage (even though I told them to just damage the bottom of the cage as the job seemed impossible without using a dolly, they said there was no way they could harm property knowingly). They truly cared about performing the job perfectly and clearly loved and believed in the company. This was the best experience. I will always use Little Guys Movers. They actually care about people and the difference is so much greater than any other customer service I have ever received.”

Thanks, Gavin! Maybe we’ll see you and your scaly friends again someday.

Two Little Guys Movers on the job