Warehouse Services

Are big things coming your way?

On some occasions, companies or distributors will only deliver goods to locations that function as a warehouse. As a part of our professional moving and warehouse services, Little Guys Movers can receive crated shipments of commercial or oversized goods on your behalf. After a thorough inspection, we’ll deliver the shipment to your business, unload, and unpack everything. Additionally, you can hire us to pick up large goods and ship them for you. We’ll procure and carefully palletize and prepare your commercial items for safe travel. Once packed, we’ll hire a trusted freight company to ship the pallets anywhere you need them to go.

If your office is ordering new furniture or your business is expecting large, specialized equipment and you’re having trouble getting it delivered directly to you, call or email your local Little Guys Movers location today to speak to one of our seasoned movers about how we can help. We understand that running a company is a big job. As an experienced, fully-insured moving company, we’re here to do the heavy lifting that’ll help make your business a success.