Pack It Up: Packing Supplies for an Apartment Move

Three happy Little Guys Movers movers carefully wrap and box dishes in a kitchen

Supply List? Check!

Are you moving into or out of an apartment soon? Make your life easier – get the right packing supplies for an apartment move.

Packing supplies can make or break your move – sometimes literally (anyone dropped a box of dishes before?). Here are a few packing supplies you need to make your apartment move as smooth as possible:

High-Quality Boxes

Sometimes, boxes break. Particularly if they are old, overused ones. It may be tempting when someone offers you a bunch of free, used boxes, but stick to the new ones for your apartment move. You’ll never regret using strong, sturdy boxes.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is on the “must-haves list” for packing supplies for an apartment move. Remember those dishes we mentioned before? Not wrapping up breakable items puts you at risk of opening a box to find only shattered pieces. No matter how sturdy your boxes are, bubble wrap is a necessity for moving items that can be easily damaged.

Packing Tape

You’d be shocked how much packing tape you can go through during a move. Without packing tape – or with cheap, flimsy packing tape – your boxes are far more likely to bust open in transit.


Yep, paper – wadded up paper, to be exact. If any of your boxes aren’t filled to the top, add wadded up paper to keep them from caving in.

Leak-Proof Containers

Trust us. You don’t want to put liquids in regular boxes. If you’ve got liquids you need to transport, add leak-proof boxes to your apartment move packing supplies list. No one likes dealing with a bunch of wet cardboard.


Label those boxes, people!

So where do you acquire all of these packing supplies for an apartment move? At Little Guys Movers, of course. We offer high-quality packing supplies that you can count on. We move people all day, every day, so we’re not going to put up with cheap supplies. That would make our lives way harder – and yours, too.

If you need packing supplies for your apartment move (or any move!), contact us!