Rethinking the Classroom: Moving Furniture in Schools

Student wearing mask reading in school

One of the institutions most affected by COVID-19 is schools. As schools reopened a few months ago, teachers, students, and staff had to remain flexible in the face of the pandemic. Some schools went for virtual learning instead of in-person schooling, while others are doing a combination of the two.

For those who are still in the classroom, things look a bit different. Health protocols call for more distancing, which requires moving furniture in schools to reorganize classroom setups and open new classrooms. This is where Little Guys Movers can help – most of us may not be able to teach, but we can certainly move things.

Moving furniture in schools and helping them reorganize is part of our in-house shuffle service. The in-house shuffle is all about moving things within the school, as opposed simply moving things in or out (although we do that, too!). Need to set up a new classroom? Establishing a space specifically for virtual teaching? Placing desks further apart and putting the rest in storage? We can assist with all that and more.

Teachers have enough on their plates without having to help haul equipment all around the building. If you are rearranging your classrooms, consider working with a professional company like us. Moving furniture in schools – or anywhere – is our specialty, and we’ll have you back to learning in no time.

Is COVID-19 forcing you to rethink your school layout? Contact us. We’d love to help you establish the best possible learning environment for your in-person and virtual students. Get a free quote today.